Research Sectors

 Laboratory's activities cover a wide range of Basic and Applied Research in specific subjects of Biomedicine, aiming at the production of products for final use.
The Laboratory's scientific sectors are: 

  • Biosignals and Medigal Image Processing
  • Medical Information Technology
  • Telemedicine
  • Biorheology and Clinical Hemorheology
  • Neural Networks in Medicine and Health
  • Βiosensors
  • Digital Reality in Medicine and Health
  • Interactions between Radiation and Webs
  • Ultrasounds Technology
Sectors of Basic Research
  1. Study of mechano-elastic attributes of red corpuscles and flow models
  2. Provisions development on the study of red corpuscles deformation (Analyst of Cells passage Time) and platelets/red corpuscles welding
  3. Study of oxidation mechanisms of cellular membrane and determination of new antioxidant unions
  4. Processing of digital medical image aiming at the ultrasound-tomography and dermatology
  5. Digital bio-signal processing emphasized in the electrocardiogram, Cardiotocography and blood pressure with the use of neural networks and waves
  6. Development of implanted micro-sensor for the control of blood flow after pottery.
  7. Development of theoretical models for fluorescence of webs according to electromagnetic theory
  8. Three-dimensional reconstruction implant short-therapy from pictures of calculating tomographer.
Applied Research Sectors
  1. Telemedicine of Urgent Incidents via PSTN, ISDN, mobile and satellite communications
  2. Development of electronic medical files
  3. Development of Health informative systems with the use of Internet technology
  4. Medical data management systems via wireless technology
  5. Informative health systems with use of intelligent cards
  6. Protocols of bio signals transmission
  7. Services of after-sales medical products supervision
  8. Applications of remotely training in Health
  9. Virtual reality interfaces based on internet for remote access in health services
CxCaDSS: A Web-based Clinical Decision Support System (DSS) for Cervical Cancer (CxCa)

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