3 (class) – 0 (lab)


George Matsopoulos, Konstantina Nikita

The course aims at presenting both algorithms and technologies for the analysis of biomedical data on the cellular and subcellular level (e.g. genomics and proteomics) as well as modeling and simulation techniques for the understanding of physiological and biological systems. The course presents: a) the principles of Molecular Biology related to cell characteristics, DNA, RNA and gene analysis, focusing on the relation of Biology with computer science, b) the basic techniques and algorithms for sequence comparison and statistical data processing, c) the basic IT infrastructure in which biological data is stored, with particular emphasis on online accessible databases along with the most important software tools used for their analysis (processing, cross-referencing, sharing and archiving of bioinformatics data, etc.); and d) multilevel simulation techniques of biological systems (e.g. neuronal systems, glucose - insulin metabolic system).