Biomedical Engineering


About Us

Since 1989, we have been working to produce solutions beyond the state of the art. We have relentlessly studied the relevant literature and have been striving to overachieve. With an ever growing family of researchers and alumni we have had the maximum impact on society and we continue to work effortlessly in order to produce even more.

Being part of the National Technical University of Athens with a 200 year history and part of the Institute of Communications and Computer Systems, the most research intensive institute in Greece, we are part of an elite network of researchers with worldwide reach and influence.

Research Fields

Biomedical Simulations and Modeling

With an impressive list of research projects and publications, it is no wonder that we are the number one choice for collaboration when it comes to organ, system and disease modelling and simulation.

eHealth & mHealth

Electronic health in all forms is our playground. We have been trend-scouting for more than 30years. All the more relevant is the fact that we have been trend-setting for the last 15 of them.

Healthcare Analytics

Your tracking devices are not just pretty. They help us understand important trends in your life and how these relate to your health.

Machine Learning Applications

We have worked with all known algorithms in machine learning applications. We have even produced our own. We have identified the reasons why diabetes works best with Bayes, whereas HPV works better with genetic algorithms and sensor state does benefit from HMMs.


We blame it all on the biologists. They have given us a glimpse of the power of data when converted to meaningful information.

Sensor Integration

We make sensors from different vendors talk to each other. When we develop a custom sensor, we make sure that it can connect to other meaningful services.

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The Laboratory of Biomedical Technology is located in the National Technical University of Athens campus in the Main Computer Building.