A smart system for the identification and evaluation of contact dermatitis

The DERMIS project aims to create a tool for the diagnosis of contact dermatitis in people who come into contact with irritants or allergens through the capture and analysis of photographs. The aim of this tool is to support clinicians’ diagnostic decisions, but also to propose solutions to help clinicians both in treatment and in identifying future risks of recurrence or relapse related to factors such as the food chain or the environment. Overall, the DERMIS project is innovative and original in terms of the methodology to be followed and its ultimate objectives. Its implementation will contribute substantially to the evolution of contact dermatitis. The concept of this study is an innovation both nationally and globally as the study of dermatitis has started to evolve in recent years and there is no similar effort of this scope. The findings of the study will serve as evidence to better predict, diagnose and treat patients. The final expected outcome, is the production of an innovative product, which will consist of an imaging device capable of capturing skin details for the diagnosis of contact dermatitis together with the corresponding intelligent software.