Smart Big Data Platform to Offer Evidence-based Personalised Support for Healthy and Independent Living at Home

Digital tools hold the promise for many health benefits that can enhance the independent living and well-being of the elderly.

Motivated by the above, the aim of the SMART BEAR platform is to integrate heterogeneous sensors, assistive medical and mobile devices to enable the continuous data collection from the everyday life of the elderly, which will be analysed to obtain the evidence needed in order to offer personalised interventions promoting their healthy and independent living.

SMART BEAR will leverage big data analytics and learning capabilities, allowing for large-scale analysis of the above-mentioned collected data, to generate the evidence required for making decisions about personalized interventions.

BEL is the lead on Dissemination and Communication activities with the following objectives:

  • to raise awareness about the project concept, developments and findings to all key stakeholders
  • to develop the dissemination and communication strategy of the project, including social presence, participation in EU events, collaboration with other related projects and implement it
  • to implement an interactive SMART BEAR user-friendly portal to inform the general public and relevant stakeholders about SMART BEAR
  • to develop the business model for SMART BEAR and strategies for incentivizing / promoting project adoption by various stakeholders within the healthcare community
  • to enhance and demonstrate the sustainability and wider adoption of the platform through the definition of an Open Call for the SMART BEAR data valorization model